Night of the Living Shred: Skate Deck Art Show!

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Night of the Living Shred: Skate Deck Art Show!


Friday night I was fortunate enough to be included in The Night of the Living Shred: Skate Deck Art Show at Maximum Hesh. There was such an array of talent being showcased and I was honored to be in the company of such amazing artists.

Not gonna lie- I don’t know the first thing about skateboarding. I can hardly keep balance on my own two feet, so I never ventured towards a sport utilizing a piece of wood with wheels. But I think we can all admit that skateboard art is badass, so when my friends and fellow artists Kerri McGill and Ktron approached me about a skate deck art show, I couldn’t say no. I was given a few old boards, and the rest was up to me. I knew I’d be doing pop-culture painting and I knew I wanted it to be fun. Some of my favorite projects are taking straight characters and adding a bizarre element into their world, like the Lannister siblings at a bowling alley or the Winchester brothers armed with super-soakers. Painting on a skateboard was perfect for this.
At the time I agreed to participate, I was watching a lot of Firefly, so who better to encompass the rebellious attitude of skateboard culture than Captain Malcolm Reynolds? And when I sanded down the old skate deck, revealing wear and tear of a board that surely had taken someone on plenty of adventures, I knew Mal would be perfect.

MalSkateboardPair skatedeckartshow

A week before the show went up, I decided to paint another board. Spring is Game of Thrones season, and my life tends to revolve around it (it’s a very social thing in my weird arty-nerdy world.) Trying to come up with an idea was a challenge— the characters I love aren’t really the fan favorites, but I wanted to paint a character people would recognize. Cue my husband and his ridiculously brilliant ideas: 3 D’s – Daenerys. Dragons. Deal With It.

DanySkateboard for clog

Since this one was a quick weekend painting, I wanted to keep it simple. Spray paint the board gold and keep it monotone with a few bright elements glazed on top. The under-painting was a limited color palette, only using titan buff, van dyke, raw umber, and black, letting the gold show through.

I usually like to flesh out skin tones, but I think the simplicity worked since Dany (no, her name is not Khaleesi) has a pale complexion with silver hair— you can recognize the character without dramatic coloring. The dragons were the hardest part since resource photos are hard to come by, but I found some great stock images on Deviant Art.

You might be curious about how one finishes an entire painting in one weekend? The answer is simple: don’t go outside. No distractions. Stop to eat. Stop to sleep. Sometimes eating and sleeping happen in the studio. I pretty much painted starting as soon as I woke up until it was time to go to bed. Ah, the things I do for love.

The things I do for art

Go away! I’m trying to get a painting done!

All in all the show was a great success! So much great art! I pretty much spent the whole night outside talking with people on the sidewalk because it was so crowded  inside. But how punk of me, hanging outside the skateboard shop. Har har. But it seems like the show might live on, traveling to different places—I’ll keep y’all updated! It’s worth seeing!


You can read more about this show and see some more of the work featured in this awesome article:


  1. Brooke
    May 5, 2014

    Beautiful paintings! Mal is simply wonderful – the distressed board showing through is the perfect background! Sometimes the last minute crazy builds/creations turn out the best just because there’s no time to over analyze. Love your work!

    • Heather M
      May 6, 2014

      Thanks! I really like how they came out–I was nervous about the show since there were so many great artists with crazy bold, colorful works, but my little paintings didn’t look as out of place as I feared. 🙂


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